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Another entry which I am posting.
kefka, pixel.
So, first thing's first: after readying a full-scale attack to reclaim my place at BIMM, including a series of e-mails from student support people and my old counseller as well as various other appealing e-mails sent to many who could potentially have had an influence on the decision paired with the collection of my attendance information so that it could be rectified, I found a letter. This letter had been sent on Friday, the date of my most recent e-mails to BIMM which had merely been requesting information on whether or not flagging information on my 'disability' had been passed on to the admissions department - the response basically said "sorry, I don't decide who gets onto the BA3, talk to the admissions department". Despite this, in the letter was a conditional offer for the BA3. The basic conditions are that I have to get a Merit (2:1) grade overall on my course, and attend every lesson in the third term. There is also a £995 deposit. Okay, so the 2:1 thing will be no trouble at all, I averaged at well within a 2:1 last year with little effort and that means I can average at below a 2:1 this year and still get on. What worries me is the attendance and the deposit. My Dad will have to loan me that money (£995!), and then if I don't get on the course it's lost forever. Given that missing even a single lesson could mean losing my place, all of a sudden sleeping through an alarm becomes £995 and my next year of education gone in one. Carol Rushton, the shouting at me over the phone woman, even sent me a stern e-mail explaining how closely they were monitoring my attendance. I think she hates me :/

Since most of my absences that aren't just me being poor at signing myself in or ill are related to me trying to focus on getting assignments done, I should really get them sorted ASAP. This might add a bit more security to my grade, as well. Please post inspirational messages to stop me being lazy here.

For my composition work, I think I've found something quite interesting. Ages ago, when I was doing my transcription, I found that Anya had written a load of notes in the back of my transcription book. She doesn't write music, so they don't make a whole lot of sense (and were paired with the lyrics to I'm a Little Teapot), but I decided to imagine it all as one bar and put in the little natural signs on the notes she hadn't put a sharp next to. What I got was a 5/4 riff that might be in F# harmonic minor or F phrygian dominant, though it's quite ambiguous. You don't need to know what that means, but yeah, it's a bit weird in theoretical terms despite sounding fairly natural. Now, even longer ago when I went up to see my friend Reuben at his Uni in London with another friend Josh, I randomly jammed out this little riff in Bb lydian that they both really liked, despite normally hating everything I play and banning me from guitar. Now, I've taken those two riffs and sort of just put them one after the other, so it goes from a 5/4 F# melodic minor/F phrygian dominant to a 4/4 Bb lydian and back again, and sounds really rather natural. Fuck you, conventional theory. Fuck you. I've also written a little 3/4 bridge section, and the whole thing together sounds quite... floaty. Quite apt, because the closest composition brief I can find for it requires space-themed lyrics. Please post potential lyrical themes to focus on here.

What else is there to say...

1. Anya's heart is practically normal, which is good to know. I know I never said it wasn't (I don't think?), but there were issues regarding the nature of her palpatations and the severity of her pulmonary stenosis, which are now officially not problems. This means she can now indulge in the sat fat and caffeine heavy breakfast of pancakes, bacon, syrup and coffee that I like making for her (...and myself) without worry. Good shit.
2. Back into my gaming, I've been cutting a path through FFX and getting along on Pokemon White. MAKES ME FEEL YOUNG(ER) AGAIN.
3. There are shitloads of builders in and around my house doing jobs that I didn't even know needed doing. They make tons of noise. FML.
4. It has been ages since I've spent proper time with any of my friends other than Anya. This must change.
5. I've been invited to Dave's (my guitarist) birthday on the 12th, which will involve me and Anya going up to his massive farm in Salisbury with his massive farmer family (both the individuals and the number of them are massive) to be cooked for by an eccentric German chef. It will be japes.

And that looks like about it for the time being, though I get the feeling I'm missing something important. I feel I need more friends on here, my feed looks pretty empty. Never mind.

That is all.

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Inspirational Message: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” -Abraham Lincoln

although I feel like a hypocrite writing that and anyway that attendance requirement sounds way too harsh

"Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done" - Aaron Burr

...not that my quote is what I'm aiming for. Damn these handy contradicting quotes!

What kind of space? Like, outer space with planets and aliens, or just general open space?

If it's about outer space, you should write your lyrics in the style of an epic poem about the Greek/Roman pantheon god(desse)s that have planets named after them, having a chariot race around the sun.

You can't even miss one lesson? :| Have you only got 5 weeks in your summer term, too? I guess that's not toooo bad. Plus it should be a lot better if you can get those other absences sorted out.

Outer space, yeah. I think I'd feel silly trying to write an epic poem, but I'd probably feel a little silly trying to write anything so I'll take it into consideration.

And by the looks of it, yeah, not even one lesson. I think it's just because I technically don't come up to the standard of attendance already set, and tbh I doubt filling out the absence forms for the two weeks I was ill is going to take me above it. I'll try and get it done anyway just in case. It's only five weeks, but I think Carol reallly wants to come down on me like a ton of bricks over whatever she can :/

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