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kefka, pixel.
Alriiiight guyyyyyys. Not a whole lot's really been going on, as usual, but a bit's been happening. I mentioned in front of a tutor that I hadn't practised in over a year and he facepalmed. Another tutor asked to see my notes and I said that the scrunched up piece of paper I had in my hand did have notes on, but that I'd eat it if he tried to take them. I also failed so hard at lyric writing that I drew a big picture of squiggly lines and eyes and ended up having to show him that, which I didn't think I'd have to do. I've also been putting my hands over my ears and going 'lalalalala' at all the work I have to do. But it'll turn out fine.

It ALWAYS turns out fine.

I played another gig with Telepathetic this time headlining in the first time in forever. There was a 100db limit on the sound, which is totally unworkable. I could easily have a conversation with Dave while playing, and sometimes did. I kept making pained cries when the sound engineer came on to turn me down. I tried to keep the energy up by jogging on the spot and headbutting cymbals and shouting lots and stuff, which got tiring. Mikey actually started reading a book while drumming in a song. During soundcheck I also beat a bunch of people at Scrabble, which is odd for me. An overall success of a gig, I think, but I never want to play there again. 100db = not enough.

After that I went to Alf's party. I felt a strong feeling of pride watching that boy come of age. He's grown so much! 18 now. But yeah, glued myself to Anya like usual and slammed back a few drinks before Reuben pulled me in to our now legendary Killing in the Name dance routine. I put in effort, moshing and headbanging and rave dancing and slapping away, and was further tired out by it, but apparently it was rather poor. Oh well.

Ah, and my 30 day thingy. I've fallen behind after doing only the first day, what utter failure. Let's catch up, though.

Day 02- Where you'd like to be in ten years.
Day 03- Your views of drugs and alcohol.
Day 04- Your views on religion.

Day 02- Where you'd like to be in ten years.

Iunno. Sat around in my large middle class house tasting some fine whiskey while looking over a letter from the PRS detailing the money I've made of royalties. Maybe I'm also considering doing a bit more songwriting/playing (another album or summat), or maybe I've gotten a job doing something like writing magazine articles about music and that (maybe books?). Maybe I've even done a talk or two. MAYBE I HAVE CHILDREN? Who knows. Either way, I've got work I enjoy and I'm making an alright living off it.

Seems quite unlikely, really.

Day 03- Your views of drugs and alcohol.

Be educated, and make decisions accordingly. Neither drugs nor alcohol are a way to get rid of problems, virtually all of them have quite nasty side effects, and you need to know exactly what effects what you're taking will have on you, and why. That said, many drugs thought to be recreational have many other purposes (medicinal and otherwise practical) that they're not being used for and should be.

Also, they're fucking expensive! If that's not a reason not to make a habit of it, I don't know what is. That said, if you know all you need to know, still want them, and have cash to burn, go for it.

Day 04- Your views on religion.

I find all belief in God as a higher power a little silly, personally. It's in no way logical and that just doesn't sit right with me. I also believe that relying on an ancient, highly unclear and obviously self-contradicting book (which most religious texts are) for one's morals is highly inadvisable. I do believe that there are many workings of the universe and the human mind in relation to it that we don't fully understand, and strange things do happen - that could be regarded as a kind of spirituality, and I at one point referred to myself as a Pantheist, but I dunno. Depends how you look at it.

Dan explained to me the difference between orthodox and orthoprax religions (or rather, he told me to google them) and orthoprax does seem more reasonable, if not a touch odd (maybe... pointless?) at points.

I do actually have quite a lot of interest in religion though, but perhaps in a way more linked to an interest in mythology than anything. I remember an old bass teacher of mine, Franc O'Shea (who I've probably name dropped all over the place) had a rather extensive knowledge of the occult, religion and history, and the way it all related to music, which was really fascinating. There are so many little partially hidden parts of the Abrahamic religions that are so very weirdly occult.

But yeah, if you count out that it's generally holding the world back and getting in the way of just about everything while not doing a whole lot of good, religion could be like my (slightly evil) twin: useless but interesting.

Although religion is useful for controlling the masses. Never mind, then.

In unrelated news, part of me feels tempted to jump on the video entry bandwagon. Can't think what I'd actually do with the time, but hell, why not? Is it a good idea though, I wonder? Reallllly?

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SHIT, forgot to cut. Epicfail.

Do a video entry, but think of things to talk about first :D

Hmmm. I'll think of a title for the video as if it was the first in a series and it'll hopefully work from there.

(Deleted comment)
But why not show the world my failings? It gets marks in essays, at least :P

Go us indeed! We win logic points.

Haha your tutors must love you.

You should definitely do the video. Can't really think why, but you should.

They seem to find it funny occasionally. I get okay marks, at least.

I'll give it further consideratiom, then - see if I don't put it off more.

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