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kefka, pixel.
So, first of all in relation to the previous mentions of that old Comet job of mine, turns out that by quitting I missed out on A) large amounts of money for the days I would have worked plus holiday pay for the days of and B) an iPad that my performance had put me onm track to win. Haha. Hahahahaha. Funny shit.

Also, in recent events of note, the three Spans (me, Anya, Dan) and Reuben had a cheese and whiskey evening. It was seriously middle class stuff. My Dad brought me back some Bleu d'Auvergne from France, my Mum got me some Brie and some Chebris from Cave a Fromage, and then me and Anya took a trip the very same Cave a Fromage to get some Ossau Iraty, some Fourme au Maury, and some Cabrales. God I love that shop. You just walk in and suddenly some cheese expert starts chatting to you about loads of different kinds of cheese and just letting you try them all. The one we had seemed to know everything about every kind of cheese there was, everything about how to make a 'balanced cheese board' and had also done her 'whiskey training'. It was amazing.

So we placed the cheeses in the order of the strength we predicted. This was brie, chebris, ossau iraty, bleu d'Auvergne, fourme au maury, cabarales. We also got a fuckload of crackers from Waitrose. BEHOLD THE CHEESE BOARD:

Head tilting may be required.

The whiskeys (which were all scotch, incidentally) were far less fancy or impressive. There was a Queen Margot, a Teacher's, and a High Comissioner. That said, the Queen Margot and Teacher's were both quite nice and the High Comissioner was good for making whiskey macs.

Afterwards, Reuben brought along a co-op Edam, co-op own brand whiskey, and some pringles. Ololol. Not sure he quite got the idea of the evening.

So we sat and we nommed. The best cheese could well have been the fourme au maury; it's a fairly creamy blue cheese soaked in wine, and the sweetness of the wine just complimented the power of the blue so perfectly, and the creaminess just made it all melt together and wiburhvbevkjnaevl. Was good. Honourable mentions go to the brie, which was very punchy and salty for a cheese we were expecting to be so mild, and the cabrales, which was mega powerful and really rather delicious. Who's pretentious? I'm pretentious! Here's a photo of Anya making me a cracker:


After drinking a bit of scotch and a whiskey mac or two that night, I've developed quite a taste for it. I think I might need to try and control myself a little, pouring oneself glasses of scotch while alone every night can't be good.

Here's a nice picture of Dan and Reuben on their way out:

In other news, I'm back at BIMM which is interesting. There's shitloads of stuff that I should be doing, which I'm kinda getting started on, but it's all a bit slow. I also let slip in front of a tutor that I haven't practised once in the past year. Lollll. I should probably get on that. I've also been doing some more gigging, and it' not sounding too bad - I'll see if I can get another recording sometime soon.

I'm sure there was other stuff I meant to write about, but never mind. 'Sgone now.

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Ahhh yes, Reuben and his pringles. I didn't even have the spirit to mention it in my entry, such was the feeling of awkwardness.

I find it funny that I actually took the time to explain the evning to him several times as well :P

Am a pleb, do not get the nuances amongst different types of cheeses, never venture beyond cheddar. But sounds like an enjoyable time.

I'd be pissed about the iPad, though.

Give 'em a try. Often the 'nuances' are hardly subtle, and blue cheese is pretty damn awesome if you get a good bit. And yes, it was.

Am most displeased about iPad.

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