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kefka, pixel.

Behold, my band performing our instrumental song 'Jim' at the BIMM End of Term gigs. The sound quality is shit on it, but hopefully you get the idea - I advise you to watch at least to 2:50 if you intend to watch it at all, but ideally to the end of course. I think I talked about this performance in my last post, if I'm not much mistakes. Dunno if I mentioned that it got me recognised though. I was just leaving a rehearsal studio, when...

New Fan 1: Oh hey, you're from Telepathetic, aren't you?
Me: Uh... yes...
New Fan 1: Yeahhh! I saw you at the end of term gigs. I dunno why but I really wasn't expecting anything interesting or weird, but your song was really cool. I'm planning on coming to your next gigs.
Me: Uh, thanks man, I really appreciate that...
New Fan 1: And I really liked that little walky bit you did in the middle.
Me: The sneaky conga.
New Fan 2: Oh what, this is that guy? That was cool!
New Fan 1: Yeah, did you not notice by how he was dressed almost exactly like Sherlock Holmes?

So that was all quite weird. Slightly surprised so many people like our crazy music and shambolic 'sneaky conga', honestly didn't think it'd get that kind of reception. Really good to see though, the gig at Wednesday should have ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO ARE THERE TO SEE US WHO AREN'T OUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS. Dear lord. Oh, and A&R men down to see the headlining band Whitebus and offer them a record deal. Yeahhh.

Although on the subject of the gig on Wednesday, I'm not too sure about it. We've had to put covers in to fill up time, which feels very... un-Telepathetic, especially since they're under rehearsed and we haven't had time to really put our own spin on them. Plus, Eva's vocals still aren't sorted out totally on the ones we are playing :/. Hardly the best time to have such an cool crowd. I'm sure we can magically wing it like we do.

Earth! Water! Wind! Fire! TELEPATHETIC! unrelated news, started selling stuff at work. Sold lots, but I'm not allowed to sell any TVs because there's 'too much to it' apparently. Ah well, my main aim right now is getting enough money for Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and hopefully getting hired after Christmas. Talking of that, I need to decide what to get people so I can save time on the day...


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I loved the "sneaky conga"! My dad was in the other room and could hear the part right before it and asked me if it was Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Anyway, must be cool to have fans. :)

Also - did not realize TVs were so complicated - approve of dressing like Sherlock Holmes.

Haha, thanks much. Stevie Ray Vaughn can play, so I'll take that as a compliment.

Basically with TVs there's just shitloads of extra stuff that I'd have to try and sell on top of it. Stands, brackets, HD Blu-Ray, Monster power supply 'clean electricity' things, HDMI cables, screen cleaner, and extended extra-care plans. PHEW. Effort.

I wouldn't say it's quite like Sherlock Holmes, but, well... it's a look XD

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