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Dull Rants.

Stuff that I felt like ranting about on the internet for whatever reason.

22 April
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There was a bad bio here before. It was depressing. I will now attempt to update it, which could result in a similarly bad, but hopefully slightly less depressing bio, as my life has improved somewhat.

My name is Stan, I'm 19, and I'm studying on the last year of my BA in Professional Musicianship, which promises to be practically useless as a qualification in itself but vocational enough in its application that I should be able to scrape a living off it. I ideally plan to have my fingers in many musical pies; teaching, journalism, composing and of course playing, most likely with my band Telepathetic (who you might just be able to find on Facebook if you're that way inclined, not that our online presence is very good as of yet). I'm very passionate, interested and opinionated when it comes to music, and while my passion pretty much stops there I am full of interest and opinions. Other hobbies of mine include tabletop roleplay, videogames, appreciating whisky and cheese, really awful films (The Room, Troll 2, etc), and just generally being a notably middle-class self-hating arty nerd with a propensity to argue. I have friends, seriously.

I also have a girlfriend. Her name is Anya. We live together and I make her food and cups of tea. Been together since November 15th 2010. Emotional.

I'm a huge fan of Captain Beefheart, The Cardiacs, Melt Banana, Primus, Polysics, Parliament/Funkadelic, Betty Davis, Charles Mingus, Gang of Four, pre-BSSM RHCP, and obviously about a million other bands. I would say I'm not picky, but I'm really picky.

As is standard with these bios, I have likely missed out many of what people consider to be the more important aspects of my personality, but that's always the way with these things. As much as I'm frightened of new people in 'real life', I do actually quite like people generally speaking (individually rather than in groups), so if this actually somehow motivates people to want to add me or whatever, feel free.

NOTE: I don't post all that often (it's all in pauses and blurts), but I do comment on things if I have something to say, and I do read through every entry everyone I'm following posts.