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Dull Rants.

Stuff that I felt like ranting about on the internet for whatever reason.

Hummina hummina hoo.
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So as usual it's been ages since I've posted anything. That's just how I roll. I'll try and get into the habit of posting more often, but yeahhh, just doesn't seem to happen like that.

Stuff has been happening. First of all, upon realising that I had no money (well, there's about £2.50 in my bank account) I decided to get a job selling electronics in Comet. Does't pay 'til the 23rd, but I suppose I'll be able to get some last minute Christmas shopping in at least. It's going to be EFFORT getting by 'til then though, I'm probably going to end up in massive debt :/

Term is now over at BIMM! Huzzah, free time is mine. On Thursday I had to hand in an assignment - the only one set this term. I had thought it was just a 1000 word essay (it's not uncommon for some degrees to be RIDICULOUSLY weighted on the last term, with practically nothing in the first), but when I looked at the actual brief (not so long before it had to be handed in) it was in 6 parts. It said 'Parts 1-5 not included in word count'. So that was annoying. Ended up doing a big all nighter the night before it was due in just to get it all done. While hardly enjoyable, it was much less tiring than I was expecting and I was actually totally fine the next day, and got everything handed in on time. BOOM.

After that I went to rehearsal and was bizarrely energetic. I was jumping around the room like a madman and doing squats and stuff. Eva sung to the songs she'd written lyrics to, and she does sound good. Very shouty, very loud, very powerful. I look forward to gigging with her on Wednesday.

And then I went to a party at Anyas. I think it might've been Ben's birthday party, it was hard to tell. Basically I did what I always do, making several quintuple (or more) vodkas in a row and drinking them very fast. At this point I realised that my body hadn't handled the all-nighter (and lack of dinner that day) as well as I thought it did. I then tried to down a very large bottle of very very old cider (it was practically vinegar). I then had to go and be sick quite a lot. I was not handling my drink very well at all. Anya was very nice and looked after me while I puked excessively and fell about the room rambling. The next day she made me breakfast and lunch and bought me a bottle of lucozade, as well as ringing my band to tell them I was too ill to come to rehearsal and missing a lunch appointment she had planned. VERY VERY SORRY ANYA THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. Also sorry to the others at the party who had to witness my stupid drunkness and vomiting.

And tonight I played the end of term gigs at BIMM. The end of term gigs are notorious for being about 80% covers with the little original material on being incredibly contrived and commercial. Well, there are one or two creative originals on, but y'know. They also never put on instrumentals. I played the most insane, anti-BIMM instrumental piece ever and they loved it, gave it full marks and put it on the gig. When we played the gig, everyone was clapping and laughing at our 'sneaky conga' (an interesting piece of coreography we put in), and when we got off stage there was much praise. A tutor shook me by the shoulders repetetively saying "I LOVE YOU" and talking about how much his son loved us, and a girl came over and ranted at me about how mcuh she loved it and how she was now a huge fan and wanted to see more of our gigs. On top of that, everyone seemed genuinely pleased to receive flyers for our next gig. This pleases me.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but yeah. I forget stuff when I don't post for ages :/

Dan's Party
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Of the many notable events that took place between my last entry and the one before it, I'm choosing to write about Dan's birthday party thang. This is because I found it to be japes, and because birfdayz iz impoortent.

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Humblest apolgies...
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I haven't done a livejournal post in ages, absolutely ages. I've made everyone else who starts entries like this look like a daily poster. The only reason for this is that for some reaosn I just haven't felt like talking about things as much. I'm sure I'll get back on it though.

Well, what to say? If I were to mention everything I'd be here for hours, and I'd waste a lot of time for anyone who felt they had to read all of it for whatever reason, so let's cut it down a little.

The most important thing that's happened is that my best friend Anya and I are now together. She is my first girlfriend. This is crazy good news, and there have been significant increases in my happiness, and with any luck I'm predicting a rather more happy life from this point onwards. Friend reactions to this event have come in two forms; "it's about time"/"I've expected this for ages"/"always wondered why you two weren't together" and "is this serious?"/"WHAT?!" These responses please me, all are suitably comical. This news, as it happens, spread like fucking wildfire - even before we changed the facebook relationship status. I was at Alf's house with Reuben (two friends of mine) when Reuben says "HAS EVERYONE HEARD STAN'S AMAZING NEWS?", and his girlfriend/Alf's sister (funny business, that) Matilda immediately said "I already told them". I don't remember telling Matilda.

But yeah, very good stuff. The moral of the story is that if you persue someone who apparently doesn't fancy you for long enough you're bound to get results eventually... or something like that. HERE'S ANYA:

In other news, I am now sporting a slightly camp, slightly fascist-looking military coat and scarf look with my short hair and goatee. BEHOLD:

That was the best picture my friends managed to take of me after re-posing me and taking many photos for a long time, because I don't look horrible in it - I just look like a woman. Still not a very good photo at all, though.

And yes, aside from that I've been continuing with life much the same. Telepathetic have been lining up gigs all over the shop, so I'm really hoping Eva pulls through with her lyric writing and such. We played our most insane instrumental number in an audition the other day, assuming they'd hate it because BIMM normally go for things that are quite dull and generic, but shitting hell they loved it. We got max marks on the feedback sheet and many, many compliments. Xander Doe is as hilarious as ever.

Typically for me, it is nearly time to hand in a whole load of very important end of term assignments and I've not started one of them. ololololol. There must be some way I can learn to discipline myself, because I do try to, but there you go. I have no sense of urgency, and my counseller now says she thinks I have ADD, and she tends to really know her stuff.

There are lots of seperate events to talk about, like my friend Dan's birthday which was rather a riot, but this is getting a touch long so maybe I'll talk about that in the next few days. I'll find time, honest. XD

And yeah, how's stuff for everyone and that? I've still been on here fairly regularly to read everyone's entries.

Nothing much.
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Because I can
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I have been granted a brief window of internet, as I'm at my Dad's house and there's super fast wireless here. How to use this glorius opportunity? Simple, grab it with both hands by writing an LJ entry AFTER going out drinking with bandmates (while avoiding such trivialities as 'dinner'), getting drunk, sending texts and wallowing in self-pity for a while. You best believe that's how I roll.

So yeah, Eva has been confirmed to be more of a nutter still than I thought she was. We quickly discussed gaffa tape (which can solve any problem the world has ever known ever), and she only really seemed to care about how easy it was to tie people up with it. Then her boyfriend turned up, a rather nice and placid chap - she made him bite her finger as she screamed and bashed the table in the pub. Dude. DUDE. Some of her lyrics were based on an episode of Spongebob Squarepants and she wants us to do at least one gig dressed as characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am very pleased we took her on. She also told us a little about threesomes. Funny girl.

Also, I'm back on excercising. Hopefully this time my good excercise buddy Josh wont get ill and stop me from excercising (because I cannot do it without him), completely spoiling any small amounts of progress made. I cannot describe how much of a twat excercising makes me feel - I find the trick is to pretend you're doing it purely for the sake of irony, putting such glorius excercise songs as 'Eye of the Tiger' and better still 'Live to Win' on. More time is spent laughing than actually doing anything, but oh well.

Also, BIMM is funny. The creative composition and arrangement tutor spent a very long time telling us a story about how his girlfriend left him as a result of him trying to make an audio representation of a spiral based on the Fibonacci sequence at absolutely every macrostratal level of the piece. He discussed both a) how absorbed he got into it, and b) how utterly shit and pointless he found it. Crazy japes. I can kinda see myself becoming a mix of him and Franc O'Shea one day ( Funny guys the both of them.

I have been asked to shave my beard off and cut my hair for my blues band. lolwut. I'm amazed I haven't been kicked out of that band many times already for all the times I've been late (apparently because I'm a good bass player, which is nice to hear), and it is a fun band to play in (though lesser in comparison to Telepathetic), and I have been thinking about cutting my hair and beard anyway, but dude? Dude. Dude. You catch my drift.

Just to stop this being an utterly pointless and purposeless wall of text, WTF should I be doing with all my hair and that? I put two (poor) pictures on that intro post thingy I did at find_ljfriends, so use them to judge if you must (though I may try and upload something else). Quiff is a very popular suggestion, but REALLY? I'm not sure I see it working (not that I see much working tbh)

Night all.

Drinking and japing and suchlike.
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So Anya showed me this site where you put in words and it makes a story from them. This is the first one that was made:

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The morals of the story are 1. the word 'minge' is funny, 2. goats are japesy, 3. ginger people are evil, 4. lubricant > people, and 5. all problems can be solved by flipping.

Show me your own:

New beginnings and that.
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Yesterday, a good few somewhat positive things happened;

1. Did some more work on my new house, which I will be moving into on the 11th. It's starting to really come together and look less like a generic run-down building a more like 'Twisted Dolls House mark 2' (my current house having been referred to as a twisted dolls house before). My room's big, which is awesome. The garden's definitely big enough to have a shed in it, and if we can soundproof the shed it could even have my drum kit in it. I haven't played my accoustic kit in years, so that would be beyond awesome. It is, however, miles out the way of everywhere, which is a bit shit. Ah well.

2. I started BIMM/Uni. I thought the new modules this year would be dull as shit, but quite the reverse. They may even be interesting enough to motivate me to actually buy the core texts - shock horror. I've got extra mentoring and stuff to stop me from being insanely disorganised and forgetful and unmotivated and such, so I may actually do alright. If all goes according to plan, I may even learn something and improve as a player, but I don't want to get too optimistic just yet. :P

3. Told Eva Vidal that she had been accepted into Telepathetic. She went fucking mental and posted a facebook status about how she was the happiest girl in the world, and when someone asked her what had made her happy she said she couldn't say until tomorrow just in case she was dreaming. It's good that she enjoys our music and all, but we aren't THAT good, so I can only assume that she is a complete and utter nutter. I'm not complaining though, I enjoy the company of the insane and I'm sure it'll bring something to the stage show. That, and we all have elements in Telepathetic; Dave (guitar) is Earth, I'm Water, Mikey (drums) is Air, and that would make Eva Fire - I can definitely see her as Fire XD. Can't wait to start getting lyrics and vocal melodies and all that jazz down for our songs, should be such fun.

4. My loan/grant came through. This means I have, if only for a short time given how much I owe people, MONEY. It's not quite sinking in yet, but I got a double 'Malaysian' burger today (peanut butter and chili - my standard order in Grubbs) with fries and a Dr.Pepper, which certainly feels like the high life. I followed it up with a very sugary Earl Grey and some chocolate biscuits and somehow the unhealthy mix of salt, sugar and caffeine, mixed with the mildly more healthy zinc and protein and cocoa have brought about a temporary state of euphoria. SUCCESS.

5. Got some advice on the combat system for the tabletop RPG thingy that I (and possibly Anya?) have been making and feel far more optimistic about the project.

Of course, there's also shitloads of stuff I need to do that I haven't done and a variety of problems that need sorting, but fuck, POSITIVITY. Behold.

First Post
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I've not got much of an idea about how I should be starting this. I have decided to semi-copy other first posts and see if I get my ramble on any time soon.

Right, so I'm Stan and my life consists of playing music (mainly bass, which is my instrument choice for my degree in Professional Musicianship), nerding out through roleplay and large stores of useless-but-interesting knowledge, getting a ton of free shit from DSA/Student Finance for being rather odd (totally worth it), and a-japin' around with friends. Actually, that's a bit of a lie, I spend virtually all my time procrastinating and wasting many days at a time doing literally nothing but thinking and thinking and thinking til I can think no more. But there you go, life is long.

In terms of my music, I play in two bands; grunge/funk/post-punk/prog/etc band Telepathetic, my creative baby, and Xander Doe, a blues/rock band in which both I and the drummer have tried to leave and failed at one time or another - practises with Xander Doe are absolutely hilarious most of the time. Telepathetic has been looking for a new singer, as our last one left a while back due to not fitting in with the band and disagreeing with the way we wanted to go about most things. We did a bizarre instrumental gig and as a result of it we were approached by Eva, a really good Spanish singer who seems really keen to join, so hopefully we'll be going good places in the future. Feel free to look at our stuff with our old singer and some stuff from the instrumental gig here: I have never been on time for a Xander Doe rehearsal in my life, and the singer/guitarist spends most of his time shouting at his pedalboard/changing every song at every practise/refusing to listen to anyone else on his songwriting, but at the same time when we get playing it really works and he's got connections and that. tbh I think it's worth staying in Xander Doe just for the hilarious arguments. I play bass in both those bands, but when I can I enjoy playing 50s rockabilly guitar, smacking the shit out of drums in 5/4, and playing jazz arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu compositions on my ukulele (often accompanied by Mikey, drummer of Telepatehtic, on piano).

...Nobuo Uematsu, of course, being the dude who composes for the Final Fantasy games (or did? I haven't keptup with the newer ones). I'm well into RPGs when I find time to play them, as well as tabletop roleplaying games like DnD and Exalted and the like. I've been trying to make my own roleplaying system recently, but unfortunately have somehow managed to not do much on it (like with most things).

And yeah, I've been given well over £1000 worth of stuff (including the laptop I am typing this on) for being anxious and unhappy and disorganised and unsociable and the like. Total score. The justifications for how these things are going to help me in Uni are a bit flimsy, but it'd be rude to turn down presents.

Lots of friends have gone to Uni recently - luckily, Dan 'BadApe' Barnard and Anya 'MotorBone' Martin have both stayed in town, and they're two of my closest friends evarr, so 'sall good. Reuben 'FlashHog' Young is unfortunately up in London now, and he was one of the four, so that feels a bit weird. Other people like Josh 'GayFish' Evetts and Alphasia 'FussPup' Cook aren't going anywhere. Another friend, Katie, has gone up to Derby - wasn't seeing her much at all before she left, but something about her definitely not being around is a touch odd. BUt yeah, I've been spending a lot of time hanging out at Sussex Uni with Dan and Anya (which I technically also attend, and am in fact in my second year - when you study fake subjects like Professional Musicianship with weird people like the Brighton Institute of Modern Music who decide to use UoS as an awarding body wierd shit happens). Has been japes, though I am somehwat jealous of their living in halls and being proper students and suchlike while I'm still living at home and kinda dossing around.

And shitting hell, look at that, I DID get my ramble on. Hopefully future entries will be more to the point and less rambly, and perhaps also vaguely interesting to read, but that's a ways off mehtinks.

So yeah, greetings people - I've already made a point of reading a shitload of all your entries XD.

Writer's Block: Can you handle the truth?
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What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

What actions could I take that I would forever consider to be the best actions taken in my life and never regret, and if I'm allowed to extend thew question, what would be the best way of going about these things?


Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?


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