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In which time keeps rollin' on.
kefka, pixel.
It has been rather a long time since I last posted an entry, hasn't it. Dear me. I very rarely feel like I've got much interesting to say on Livejournal for some reason. On Facebook I barely ever shut up. LJ entries feel somehow important, like it's worth trying to do them right, for some reason. I'm not very good with things that feel like they're important, for whatever reason. Messes me up, man.

Which has made things interesting recently. The biggest news is, I am moving out of home. lolwut. I'm sure it'll be good, because I'll be living with Anya in a one bedroom flat right in the middle of all the good shit in Brighton, and the course I'll be on looks really interesting, and all that jazz. But seriously, I'll be paying bills and buying my own shopping and stuff. All of a sudden I feel very dwarfed, and very much a child in the face of adult responsibility. I want to do it, and I'm sure it'll be good, but MAN. DUDE. Yeah. It's £650 a month, which isn't too bad, and it has a gas cooker, which means I'll actually be able to cook meals without being driven insane by incredibly slow and annoying electric hobs. They drive me mad.

I might even have to go and buy myself new socks when I wear massive, massive holes in all my socks. No pair of socks can last more than two or three roughly day-long wearing sessions on my feet without being totally destroyed beyond recognition (including ultra special magical sparkly reinforced heel+toe socks), and I'm really rather scared of clothes shops. I dunno quite why, it's like there's something in the air in the vast majority of clothes shops that just makes me feel very unsettled and under attack. Not so much in little independent shops, but the actual big clothes retailers. If I never had to go near a clothes shop I would be a happier man.

I've been a bit lax with my side of the work as well, unfortunately. The whole importance of the situation has slapped me into submission a bit, kinda like when I try to write essays or do more specific bass practise. I can spend hours noodling away on bass when I've got no particular reason to, but when a tutor tells me to perfect my walking bass technique or something, my bass transforms into a strange object of fear that I want nothing to do with, and I almost feel bad looking at it. Need to sort that out for this coming year. I've been hanging around the 2:1 range for the past two years, but since this coming year is a one year top up type deal, it counts for 100% of my overall degree when I get it. I figure that if I can get a 2:1 while in a constant state of desperate struggle to do as little as possible, if I really work hard and apply myself I might be able to get a 1st. Which would be epic.

A big bit of the course next year is a Professional Project. I essentially need to write about 20,000 words not including appendices (which should be more abundant than the actual writing itself, I hear) on a method I have for making lots of money. They make a pretty big deal out of these projects, so on top of the assignment being worth two whole modules of marks all by itself, they give £100 to the best one each year. Last year, a girl handed in a massive wad of hundreds and hundreds of pages about how she was going to build a nightclub. She had tons of evidence that people would want to go to it and that there was no competition in the area and that it would make money when it was built, actual plans from architects w/ full descriptions of the interior and exterior, permission from the council to go ahead and build it, banks confirming that they'd be happy to give her the loans, and minimum predicted net profit vs loan repayment (and probably a whole heap of other shit). She won the £100 for it, and she never even bothered to go ahead with the plan. Madness! Suffice to say, I have no such genius plan.

I could start a teaching business of some sort, but from what I can tell there's a fair amount of competition in that field. Other than that, I was thinking of either doing a more mixed thing, or creating a business plan around being a writer/music journalist. That'd be fun, and as much as this LJ entry may be a dull and uneventful mess of words I can definitely write a touch more eloquently when I want to. It's not exactly Dragons Den investment material though, so I really need to think about it some more. Suggestions welcome.

Otherwise, I'm just whiling away my time playing DnD (Alf ran 2e Tomb of Horrors, was japes) and waiting for shit to kick off. Moving house, starting my final year of uni, and most importanly, Skyrim is soon to come out. For a short time at least, my life is likely to be Skyrim.

Well there we go, that's today's splurge. I'll hopefully have more to say when Uni starts again and I'm actually doing stuff with my life :D

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Perhaps you should just buy vast quantities of cheap socks.

And throw them in the bin when I'm done with them? Could do.

The only major issue would be that really cheap socks are often made out a weird fabric that seems like it's made out of lots of little bits of fluff that have been forcefully pressed together, rather than the standard bits of cloth sewn together. With such cheap material, after wearing the socks my feet look like hobbit feet or something from all the bit chunks of black fluff that have detached from the main body of sock and decided to attack themselves to my foot. It's really not good.

First world problems eh.

It's not quite as bad, but socks for me seem to disintegrate while I'm wearing them, meaning I get bits of fluff all over the place when I take them off. And as for your moving out, yeah, the responsiblity will be scary. But it's with Anya, and you practically live together already, so at least you won't have to get used to having a new roommate.

That's kind of what happens to my shoes - all the lining and padding disintergrates slowly, so there are lots of bits of green foamy stuff all over my room.

And yeah, living with Anya will be good. Best circumstances possible, really.

20, 000 word essays and moving out... that's some terrifying stuff. Good luck though! When I started buying my own food, I realized I was actually incredibly lazy and only bothered to eat every couple of days, so probably best not to do that.

I enjoy ood too much to let that happen. I'd be lazy about cleaning, for sure, but you can bet I'll be on the ball with food. I can probably ignore what might become a disgustingly unclean house if I eat well.

Mind you, Anya will probably do the cleaning if I just make all her meals :D

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